About Us

Hello there! I’m Patty, a work-at-home mom who spends a lot of time preparing meals for myself and my family when I’m not out enjoying my little backyard garden. After years of struggling with weak and frustrating can openers that made it almost impossible to prepare meals, I was just fed up!

So rather than head out to the store and buy whatever can opener was on sale, I decided to do some real research and figure out what kind of can opener would actually make my life easier. I found a lot of complicated gadgets, and models that looked just like the flimsy ones I was already using. It was all pretty confusing at first, but soon I figured out a lot about the different types and models out there and was able to find the perfect can opener.

I didn’t want everything I learned to go to waste, so I set up this little review site. I wanted to help other busy parents and confused shoppers out there find the best can opener for their needs, because no one deserves to suffer through injured hands and dangerous cans like I did.

I sincerely hope that you find this website and its reviews helpful. I also put together a few extra articles on some of the interesting and helpful topics I discovered during my little stint as a can opener researcher.

Best of luck and happy wishes,