Top Safety Factors to Consider in a New Can Opener

Even though can openers are pretty straightforward devices, there are a few major safety issues that you should thinkCan-Opener about before you make a purchase. While this is key for any person, it becomes more important if you are going to have children or seniors using the can opener. Read on to learn about the top safety factors you need to consider when buying a new can opener.

Sharp Edges

Hands down, the biggest safety risk that you’re going to face with can openers is the sharp edges on the can lid. I’ve run into this issue many times before and, let me tell you, getting cut on a can of tomato sauce is not fun at all. It’s also especially frightening when you have kids like me, since one cut can turn into a serious issue for a child. Focus on can openers that create smooth edges, which usually comes from cutting underneath the upper rim of the can instead of directly into the lid. There are also some models that include special tools that help you remove the lid, even if it’s already smooth. As a rule of thumb, I still try to avoid touching can lids whether or not the can opener has a smooth edge design, just in case there is something I can’t see.

Locking Mechanism

You might not think about it at first, but having a can opener that locks tightly in place is a major safety feature. Flimsy can openers that don’t easily grip the lid can slip off while you’re using them, causing you to scrape your hands on the can or on the actual opener. Certain models include special designs that are made to create a secure and solid lock onto the can, greatly reducing the chances of the opener sliding off of the lid. Many of the models that offer smooth edges also include more secure locking mechanisms, since they rest on top of the can and don’t require the pressure of other models. However, this is not always the case, so you’ll need to check the specific details of each model to make sure it offers a good locking feature.

Easy Turning

canopner4Being able to easily turn the knob of a can opener ties in with having a good locking mechanism, because a knob that is hard to turn is going to cause you to exert extra force that could lead to some troublesome accidents. An easy-turn knob is also important for preserving your hand strength and avoiding aches in your arm. I open a lot of cans every week, and when I had an opener that was hard to use it actually made my arms hurt. The easier a can opener is to operate, the less you’re going to cause undue strain on your body, which is always a good thing.

Easy-turning mechanisms also typically come as a result of sharper blades and other components that make it easier to actually cut through the lid of the can. The better the can opener is able to handle the actual can, the easier it is going to be for you to operate it. Just make sure that these features don’t create hidden sharp edges on the lid or top of the can.

Overall Strength

The can opener also needs to be strong enough to operate on the types of cans you use. If you tend to open a lot of large cans or ones made of thick metal, then you need to get a can opener with enough strength to handle them properly. Using the wrong opener could cause it to break, which can lead to all kinds of safety concerns such as cuts or scrapes from the broken can opener. Also, if the can opener isn’t strong enough to open your cans, then you’re going to be causing extra pain to your hands and arms as well.

Closing Advice

In order to determine the safest can opener for your situation, think about who is going to be using it and how they plan on using it. Just remember, in the end there’s no such thing as a can opener that’s too safe.